Daviess-McLean Baptist Association
Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mission Projects


Jail Ministry Christmas Project


Are you thinking about Christmas?  I’m sure if you ask any child you would get the same answer – Yes!  Well, it is time to begin the planning work on our Jail Ministry Christmas Project.

This means we need you, and your church group, to begin planning how you will be involved.

What do we need? 
1.  Prayer & lots of it for the children and their incarcerated parent that we will be serving, as well as those assisting with the project. 
2.  Toys – see instructions in next column
3.  Volunteers to help here at the Baptist Building and to deliver the wrapped toys & Bibles.
4. Money for Bibles, postage and toys that aren’t provided.
5.  Christmas wrapping paper – oriented toward children.
6.  Assorted clean boxes – to ship to children outside our delivery area.

Please bring toys to the Baptist Building December 1, through December 8.  Check list in next column for needs.

If you wish to help wrap toys please come to the Baptist Building during the workday, Dec. 2 – 8 (Friday afternoon we are closed.)  

You may pick up a route beginning at 1:00 PM on Monday, December 14.  We hope to have all routes given out by close of the office on Wednesday, December 16.  Our targeted day to deliver is Saturday, December 19.  

Please mark your calendars so that you are able to participate in this project.  Hundreds of children are depending on you!

All toys are to have a value of $10.00.  There are restrictions – no dolls & no battery operated toys & no war/police oriented toys.  Here is what our suggestions are:

Birth – 3 years of age
Must be marked safe for this age range.

4 – 6
Stuffed animals
Craft kits – bracelet, necklace kits (age appropriate)
Age appropriate balls (not too big for small hands)
Cars, trucks, etc.
Dress up sets

7 – 9
Craft kits – there are kits available for girls & boys of this age range. 
Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls
Stuffed animals
Cars, trucks, etc.

10 – 12
Craft kits – age appropriate
Basketballs, footballs, soccer balls
Stuffed animals
Jewelry for girls
Jewelry boxes

Each child also receives an age appropriate Bible and their caregiver receives a New Testament for the family.

If you would like to know more about this project, please call the Baptist Building.