Glenville Baptist Church


Glenville Baptist Church is a small, country church with a community of believers committed to serving God and loving our neighbors.  We have a beautiful church building with an attached educational building, a cemetery located behind the church, and a 2-3 bedroom parsonage next to the church.  We are seeking a Senior Pastor to lead our congregation in spiritual growth and service.  The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills, excellent communication abilities, and a deep commitment to the ministry.


The Senior Pastor will preferably have at least five years’ ministry experience as a Senior Pastor.


The Senior Pastor will have a Seminary degree.


The qualities of a Senior Pastor that are most important to our congregation are:

  • Dedication to the Lord, our church, and our community
  • Kindness and concern for all members; someone who is outgoing and easy to talk to


  • A calling to this ministry
  • A deep understanding of and commitment to the Bible, Christian theology, and the Baptist tradition
  • Solid preaching ability
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • A heart for visitation and the ability to provide compassionate and empathetic support to congregation members in times of need
  • A heart for visitation to those new to the community or who are unchurched
  • A heart for missions, both in our community, our region, and worldwide through support of the cooperative program


The Senior Pastor will have:

  • A vision for reaching the lost in the local community
  • A vision for the numerical growth of the congregation and its various ministries
  • Goals for increased attendance and participation in church worship and activities
  • A passion for pastoral care for the elderly, sick, shuts-ins, bereaved and lonely
  • A vision for developing programs for the youth and children of the church

To apply for this job email your details to