Wilson Trust Scholarship Application


Application Deadline

The deadline for this application is November 30th, 2023

for the Spring 2024 Semester

Applications are only accepted during the months of June and November for the following Academic Semester. Any received outside of this timeframe will not be condsidered.

The Scholarship amount will be determined by the Wilson Trust Scholarship committee and is based on the number of applicants combined with the scholarship funds investment performance.  The following qualifying guidelines is considered.

1. The Wilson Trust Fund Christian Scholarship is available to DMBA church member students during their undergrad studies.

2.  The application form must be completed and signed by the applicant. (By clicking the “submit” button you are acknowledging that you are the applicant).  Make sure to save a copy of your online transmission in case an issue arises.  You will receive a receipt confirmation from minadmin@dmba.org.

3.  A letter of recommendation by the applicants Senior Pastor, or if absent, the Chairman of Deacons for the applicant’s church is required.

4.  All applicants must submit a copy of their most recent transcript records – mark out your Social Security Number on your transcript.  Transcripts may be a copy or printed from your secure school site.  Certified copies are not required.  Without a transcript the application cannot be considered.

5.  All applicants for the Wilson Trust Fund Scholarship should understand that “economic need” is a paramount consideration in awarding these scholarships.  However, high academic attainment, and christian service are attributes to be considered in the selection process.

6.  Payouts are during the month following the application timeframe.  All applicants will receive a letter of notification from the Scholarship committee regarding their decision.

7.  Failure to follow the guidelines, to properly complete the application or submit transcripts may disqualify applicants being considered to receive scholarship awards.

8.  All applications, transcripts and Senior Pastor letter of recommendation must be received in the DMBA office no later than the last day of the month this portal is open.  They may be mailed or hand delivered directly to the DMBA office at 1003 Scherm Rd, Owensboro, KY. 42301 or emailed to minadmin@dmba.org.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call 270-684-2377.

Wilson Trust Scholarship Application

Have you had a definite salvation experience?

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By clicking the “submit” button you are acknowledging that you are the applicant and that you authorize this information to be released to the scholarship committee. You also acknowledge that by submitting this form you agree that your email address, combined with your full name, constitute an electronic signature.

The DMBA office will send you a confirmation email that your application has been received within the next business day.